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Update!!! (:

alright people….I have a new website. I’ll be updating it alot more than I will this blog. so check it out at:


❤ PrettyLittleLiar


Plan for change.


yes. I just slammed my head into the keyboard. multiple times.

I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing…?
guess not. I need a time machine. and a mind eraser machine. and 3 wishes from a magical genie. and a bucket of mayo. and some dude who plays piano while I rave dance. EPIC X10

Thats my plan. to make this summer epic.

(and meeting Sam Claflin and Taylor lautner [2 hottest guys in the history of the earth!!!] wouldnt be too bad either!!! ;D…)

you’re welcome for your dose of epic randomness for the afternoon(:





*Falling Star*

if I could wish upon a falling star

I would wish I am wherever you are

and that you’d take time to see the real me

not the part I let you see.


If I could follow a shooting star

I’d hope it lands wherever you are

I want to be with you.

and you could possibly feel the same way I do


Behind her green eyes she hides

behinds broken hearts and twisted lies

she wont let you see. the real her.

the part she wishes to be.


Behind her green eyes we see

swirls of jade, the envy in her heart

we see the light, the laughter, the darkness, the pain.

Her heart reaching out. wishing to be whole again


We see the sadness. the heartbreak

The tear shimmers and falls

the cloudy skies fill her eyes

One more sufferer, she suffers of heartache


Take a peek, see whats underneath.

See what’s behind the mask

Look into their eyes.


I wonder….if You just disappeared from my life…how much easier would it get? >.> you cause so much drama. you drive me crazy.


Why is high school so complicated? WHY? I swear boys drive me insane. I shouldve seen it in his eyes. he had bad intentions. but as they say “Love is Blind” >.> apparently.


And then there’s myself. I should stop overthinking things and just GO FOR IT. but NOOOO I have to wait and lose my chance. but I always overthink things “Dont talk to him. you annoy him”- Me.


Then there’s those people who always push you down. Man they bother me.


But instead of ranting….I should be happy. Today was a great day.

Except getting trashcanned…thats no fun. >.<


Hug a penguin

Shampoo a squirrel

Juggle a puff

have a good Day! 😀


Oh my. so apparently I’m a slacker and havent written in a LONG TIME.

So here’s a rant about my current situation:

Ok…..first of all


Knock it off!!! I have upperclassmen backup at school. >.>


“She’s got it out for me…but I wear the biggest smile…There’s a million other girls who do it just like you. Looking as innocent as possible to get to who they want and what they like. Its easy if you do it right. well I REFUSE! I REFUSE! I REFUSE!”- Paramore.

She speaks my mind EXACTLY. Nothing drives me crazier than little girls getting to the guy you like by acting innocent. and them driving a wedge in between the two of you. They are evil little cupcakes, and soon enough their lies, deceit and hatred will all come CRUMBLING DOWN. Karma….is a (blank) and we all know it. and I cant wait for the Karma to get to you >.>

3rd: Don’t you hate it when that ONE person you like doesnt acknowledge your existence? It drives meh crazy!!! =P blah.

4th: I hate labels. I hate them soooo much. Just because I wear a little more eyeliner than most girls, and have multicolored hair….doesnt mean I’m going scene. Not at allllll!!!

5th: One Word: Liars. They also drive me crazy! if you are gonna talk crap behind my back at least back it up when I confront you about it!!!


I swear. I deserve some better villains. >.>

Well thats all I have to rant about for the time being!


(ok….so I may sound hypocritical after ranting about Liars while my signature is “ThePrettyLittleLiar” but its from the TV Show…but just for this ONE blog I shall change it)



Love Me for Me

You know what…..I havent posted in a VERY long time…..I just realized this!

anyways: You realize people are judged from the second their born…to the second they die?

Just a random thought for today

but……its the truth.

And here’s another thought of the day:

The hardest thing to do….is watch the person you love… somebody else.

Have you ever had to do this? watch the boy (or girl) that you love….love somebody else….hardest thing to do. EVER.


Mondays. Blah

So I overslept this morning, forgot my binder on my desk, got yelled at by my math teacher, and I apparently keep saying all the wrong things.

Oh and I rolled my ankle so now I am not gonna be able to do soccer. Lovely.

“Dude why you always gotta be biting my moments?” “Taste good?” “DELICIOUS!!!!”- Stick it

I wonder what would happen if I just STOPPED talking for a whole day. what would happen? hmmm



We stress about it for weeks

we spend hours getting ready

we spend hours planning


Who are you taking?



Ok so its been a confusing weekend. (and it’s not even over yet *shudder*)

I have no Idea what to do about anything. =/ HELPPPPP!